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Interactive Displays

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The  powerful tool for businesses of any size

The real power in interactive displays is their incredible versatility. They are limited only by the user’s creativity, and with the right approach, they can leave customers with a memorable experience.  Educators and business owners both can address many of their needs with smart use of interactive technology.

Touch Kiosk

Interactive displays  can increase engagement in any environment

Interactive displays can increase engagement in any environment. The way our brains learn and retain information best is through visual aids and interactivity. Displays placed near a shop’s entrance are great for capturing foot traffic and bringing people into the store. Allow passersby to scrub through a carousel of specials or new arrivals.

Transform your meetings into interactive sessions

Have you ever felt as a business owner to have your meeting on a table itself having everyone involved and have your meetings as interactive & collaborative. Then why don’t have over an interactive touch table with exceptional resolution and touch sensitivity as well as do away with projectors & whiteboards where an audience can just be seated.

Man with Table
Restaurant Table

Give your customers a reason to meet at your Cafe or Restaurant

How does your Café/Restaurant cash onto this trend & standout, what value can you provide to these segment of individuals which would give them a reason to have coffee in your café even if its at a distance.

  • Interactive self menu on the table
  • Interactive self payment on the table
  • No need to ask or wait for waiters for things just order or chat from the screens
  • Let the kids watch cartoons
  • Customers can skype with their loved ones back home
  • Let cooking nerds get a chance to view their food being cooked through chef cam
  • Give your customers privacy of their activity within the table itself
  • Water Proof, Tempered Glass

Make every minute of your customer’s presence in your office count

Every moment that your customer spends can be an opportunity of sales for your organization, specially the moment he enters his first impression of your organization might pave the way for the meeting ahead, advertise & market yourself the moment he enters with a powerful interactive tool.

Chair & Table

The interactive display solutions in Riyadh have revolutionized the smartphones and tablet. Well, these were able to simplify the navigation and even share the information instantly. We at Tecknow Solutions are the market leaders in the consumer display and touchscreen.

Besides that we provide whole interactive display solutions for retail, business, and education. Here the interactive display solutions allow the whole latest ways for driving employee productivity and even engage the retail shoppers and even accelerate the student learning.


Through our interactive display solutions, we provide employees the modern tools that they can use for making meetings more efficient. Well, unlike the data projectors that are commonly blurry and needs dimming of the lights, we have a different one.

The interactive display solutions that we provide render sharp and bright images. These would be under all kinds of lighting conditions. The interactive display solutions provided by us helps in placing the necessary information resources right at the team’s fingertips. That helps in making decisions faster and with all the facts.


Various organizations in Riyadh use our specialized featured interactive display solutions for rendering a single session into various interactive displays. So what happens is that breakout groups would each work on their own display. That means in a huge presentation rooms along with the theater-style seating, our interactive display solutions can be used for expanding a single session throughout many multiple displays, leading to easy viewing from almost any distance and angle.



The Tecknow’s interactive display solutions allow organizations to increase and meeting their productivity. Also, it fosters collaboration and even improves communications.


The Tecknow’s interactive display solutions are the perfect for high profile areas like customer briefing centers and board rooms. The interactive display products of ours are very much sleek and they have a thin profile for complementing any kind of décor. So, unlike any type of data projectors, our interactive display solutions would allow participants to engage in face-to-face conversations whenever the presentations are made.



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