Covid 19 Signages

Covid 19 Signages

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Corona Virus Signage: Social Distancing Feet Symbol

Digital Signage helps companies stand out from the crowd with head turning content and crystal clear resolution.

Our COVID-2 signage helps you to get back to your business safely. We provide faster access to the safety sign and area marking so that you can open up in confidence.

There are two major standard move of digital signage. One would be the identity card checker. Here you can check out the details of your employees through the presences of the scanner. As soon as the employee stands in front of the device, the retina and facial scan identifies whether the employee works for your company and even analyzes the temperature.


Need signage to meet the changing needs of your business due to COVID-19?

As clearly stated, your business needs commonly change. You have to be automated and try to reduce the time and efforts that your employees put into. With our COVID-19 signage, you can make sure that employees are healthy and they are not spreading the fever or sickness to other.

Our signage ensures that the whole office and corporate atmosphere is distanced from the COVID-19 disease and also that people are following the social distancing precautions.


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