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Simply create your own advertising content. Your hardware. Your player

TeckDS digital signage solution is an excellent choice tocontrol your digital signage system. The solution includes a TeckDS or TeckDS4K hardware, TeckDS Studio
Software, TeckDS Mobile and TeckDS Remote Apps.

TeckDS solutions allow you to manage AV digital sign devices centrally over wired and wireless networks with the ability to group multiple devices and synchronize playback. The system manager has access to real-time monitoring of the playback status of each device. It’s easy to create schedules for individual or group devices,
allowing you to set the frequency, duration, start/end dates, and more.

Hardware options include TeckDS, an easy-to-manage digital signage solution, and TecDS4K, which is capable of displaying 3840×2160 content.


Key features of TeckDS include:

• Easy to use software – no programming skills required;
• A multitude of built-in and fully customizable templates;
• Broad support of on-line content, including Twitter, RSS, YouTube, and more;
• Centralized device management over Intranet and Internet;
• Open software API for AV system integration;
• Small form factor, powerful hardware players that support 4K video, HDMI Input, PoE, and more.


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