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Digital Signage is flexible, powerful and effective

Digital Signage helps companies stand out from the crowd with head turning content and crystal clear resolution.


Screens are everywhere. Let’s use them to promote your services.

Our digital signage is commonly used for providing entertainment, information, advertisement and alerts through various range of industries. Through the combination of text, graphics and other visual elements, our digital signage provides the most powerful medium for reaching audience in the most compelling manner.

The one stop solution of our digital signage product helps organization throughout the market to incorporate live TV and video easily into a signage. That can help one to engage, educate and even entertain audience.

We provide guest facing low touch technology along the whole guest journey.

The biggest advantage of using our digital signage is that it would help to increase the employee engagement. Here the equipment would provide high-value details. Also, it would create a feeling of belonging among employees. Using our digital signage, you can provide details regarding event information like meeting room availability, wayfinding, sponsor details, etc.


Tecknow Solutions has the required passion for developing the intelligent digital signage solutions in Riyadh. We allow businesses to perform well using our various digital signage solutions that are targeted to many audiences. Here this means the message would get conveyed to the audience in a better way. All around the years of experience we have in providing the perfect digital signage solutions in Riyadh, we provide the best possible advices to your organization.

Well our services are available to the high-level sectors and these include the educational institutions, financial sectors, corporate offices, hospitality, etc. Also, the hardware used by us for the deployment are fully certified and pre-designed. Our digital signage products and solutions make the effective communication by diverging into necessary details that pertain to the corporate like welcoming guests present at the reception areas to the presences of the display signage present in boardrooms and other areas. This leads to the creation of a cohesive working environment through the connection of employees, visitors, and management.


Some of the major benefits of the digital signage solutions in Riyadh are –

  • Effective internal communication
  • Corporate branding and messaging from the single location
  • Successful detail sharing
  • Brand recognition
  • Improving enthusiasm
  • Live news feeds and many
  • Providing safety and healthy tips


With the digital signage solutions in Riyadh, you can handle the information flow throughout the organization. Here the system could be controlled centrally, locally, and even worldwide through one or more administration users. As the signs are dynamic, you can easily specify the highly targeted messages to individuals that want to see them. Plus, you can even change them in the real time for reacting to specific events and schedule content that would be displayed in advance for weeks. Furthermore, the digital signage system would have one or hundred screens and you can control them all from your current desktop office computer, even scheduling all of them to display the various content for the week ahead.


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