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Queue Management

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Don’t make the customer wait

Customers continue to be more erudite and demanding for higher value and quality services – not either, or. Delivering aconsistently high quality level of service will ultimately lead to a more loyal customer base, no matter what the competitive landscape.


Our queue management solutions in Riyadh are automated systems. It is created for managing the walk-in services and the whole customer flow. The queue management system of ours are used for handling the interactions among customers, irrespective of whether it is in person or through the information that is displayed on the screen.

Ultimately, the queue management products of Tecknow Solutions are intelligent system. They help in handling the queues of people and businesses. In the layman definition our queue management system can be used for controlling the queues. The queue of people are form in many situations and locations, in almost all queue areas.  Here the process of queue formation and the propagation is defined as the queuing theory.


Frankly, Tecknow Solutions would be able to provide one with all the things, and these are right from the entry-level smart queuing system to the best and advanced solutions. These are for the complex based queue management. Well, we try to make the customer journey management more simple and easy.

When it concerns the entry level queuing system, we mean a process that is based on the typical arrive. Here it means taking a ticket and keeping an eye on the display for the called numbers. So, when it is your turn, all you need to do is follow the signage that would be the serving counter.

Frankly, all this can be easily achieved using our best queuing system and products, especially the ones that have a self-check-in kiosk and display. These would help in keeping visitors informed.


Now when it concerns the complex requirements, we provide the major possibility for picking and selecting among the various modules. So, one gets a tailoring system that perfectly suit one’s needs. We develop the best queuing products and solutions in Riyadh that can be interpreted enterprise-wide on many locations and even for all kinds and number of users. Here both of the functionality and the number of users as well as locations are very much flexible. Plus, you can modify the solutions of the queuing system as per your needs.



In this individual will create a queue in unpredictable and varying locations. Also, in many directions and these are in cases in the form of taxi queues, retail, ATMs, etc. These would be even in the busiest places, physical barriers and guides that are used for funneling the people into the line as and when they arrive.


Now here people would be forming queue in somewhat fixed as well as predictable positions like at retail locations, supermarkets, banks, airports, etc. In such places, very often queue management solutions are set up. These are used for managing the ticket ranking for the services and that too with and without the numbered ticket.


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